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Whole, sliced &  smoked products stocked. Great for retailers, caterers and Butchers.

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Sliced Bacon

2.27kg Back Bacon

1.36kg Bacon Bacon

2.27kg Prime Back Bacon

2.27kg Smoked Back Bacon

2.27kg Rindless Streaky

227kg Smoked Rindless Streak

1.36kg Dry Cure Back Bacon

Retail Packs

200g Sliced Back Bacon

400g Sliced Back Bacon

400g Sliced Smoked Bacon

250g Sliced Streaky

400g Sliced Streaky

Whole Bacon 

Whole Flat Backs

Whole Smoked Flat Backs

Whole Bacon 

Visk. No 9 Gammon

Visk. Number 12 Gammon

Smoked Visk Gammon

Smoked Bone In Gammon

Smoked Hough

Other products are available to order.

Contact our sales team to discuss your requirements further.

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