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We offer full traceability on all of our Bone-in Beef, so you can buy with the same level of confidence as we do, when we buy direct from local farmers.​

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Bone in Beef

Whole Sides,

Hind Quarters,

Gun Side,

Hips of Beef

Top Pieces

Rumps on the Bone

Rump & Roasts

Rump & Loins

Whole Roasts

Sirloin on the Bone

4 & 5 Rib Roasts

Shoulders of Beef

Flanks of Beek

Thin Runners

Boneless Beef

Boneless Fores,


Plate Runner,

Boneless Brisket


Lean Trimmings (90vl)

Sausage Brock (65vl)

Thick Flanks

Topside, Silverside

D-Cut Rumps


Long, Rump & Sirlon Fillets

Rib Eyes.


Suet, Cod Fat

Liver, Heart, Kidney,

Ox Tongue, Ox Tails, Ox Lites. 

To compliment our own production we also offer a select range of boxed beef .

Ask our sales team about these great products. 

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